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14K Gold Plate Celebutante Dog Tag Necklace

14K Gold Plate Celebutante Dog Tag Necklace

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  • Description
  • This 14K gold dog tag necklace is the ideal present for new moms. It's perfect on its own or layered with other necklaces mom may have. Let this necklace be a reminder that each woman's beauty, talents, and strength is unique and special. An eye-catching piece that's sure to become her go-to for both dazzling statement looks and everyday wear. 


    Product Details:
    – 14K Gold Plate on Brass – Cubic Zirconia Gem Accent – 20.5" Length + 2" Extender


    Jewelry Care

    Jewelry Care Tips for Baby Emi Jewelry:
    At Baby Emi, we cherish the longevity of your precious jewelry. To keep each piece looking its best, avoid prolonged exposure to moisture and sunlight. Gently unclasp bracelets to prevent damage and store them away from pets and vacuums. Regularly inspect for wear and tear, and if any signs are found, remove the jewelry immediately. These simple care steps ensure your Baby Emi jewelry stays beautiful for years to come.


    Choking Hazard Awareness for Baby Emi Jewelry:
    Your child's safety is our top priority at Baby Emi Jewelry. Please be aware that our bracelets contain small components such as beads, clasps, charms, and chains. While expertly crafted for durability, these pieces pose a choking hazard for children. We strongly advise against letting your child sleep with jewelry on, and never leave them unattended while wearing any piece. Our jewelry is not intended for everyday wear, so remember to remove it during activities like bathing, swimming, and napping. Your caution ensures a safe and enjoyable experience with Baby Emi Jewelry.

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