Meet Debbie

Stylish Photos of Entrepreneur Debbie Savage

Debbie, a self-proclaimed fashion nut, beauty buff, and fitness freak, wears many hats as a wife and mother of three. Contributing her thoughts to the blog To Thine Own Style Be True adds another layer to her dynamic life. Originally from Virginia, raised in Utah, and now calling Orange County, California home for over two decades, Debbie has quite the journey.

In 2006, the birth of Baby Emi Jewelry happened, named after her eldest, Emi. Rooted in her Cambodian-American heritage, Debbie holds dear the tradition of gifting Cambodian Jingle Bell Anklets to babies. She loves the idea that the tinkling sounds not only keep away bad vibes but also help parents keep tabs on their little ones.

Photos of The Savage Family and Jingle Bell Anklet

The Jingle Bells Anklets quickly gained fame, making appearances on The View, gracing glossy magazine pages, winning the hearts of new moms worldwide, and even adorning Hollywood's tiniest trendsetters.

Fast forward 13 years, with three kids and two dogs in tow, and guess what? Baby Emi is making a comeback! Debbie is excited to announce the relaunch, featuring a chic collection of anklets, bangles, and bracelets for the little ones, along with some dazzling pieces for moms. Dive in; it's bound to capture your heart!