Behind the Jingle


Photos of Cambodian family and Cambodian Ballet Dancer

When my first daughter, Emi, arrived, the idea of adorning her in something as beautiful as what I'd wear myself sparked the beginning of a heartfelt journey. I couldn't help but notice the absence of elegant, high-quality jewelry designed for children. This longing for pieces that carried both beauty and sentimental value became the driving force behind my venture into the world of children's jewelry.

Delving into my Cambodian roots, I uncovered the deep cultural significance of such adornments. My own initiation into this tradition was marked by the gift of Jingle Bell Anklets during my Cambodian baby blessing. This rich tradition continued with each of my children receiving traditional Cambodian jewelry from their grandmother.

Cambodian photos of family. Grandfather, Grandmother, Mother and Aunt.

Embedded in Cambodian customs, families celebrate the arrival of new members with silver anklets adorned with delicate bells. These charming chimes, believed to dispel negative energies, also provide parents with a sweet auditory connection to their playful little ones.

This jewelry isn't just about accessorizing; it's a tangible link to my children's Cambodian heritage. The decision to embark on this business journey was rooted in a deep desire to pay homage to my culture, particularly to my mother and courageous grandparents who sought refuge and a brighter future in America.

Through this venture, I'm grateful for the opportunity to extend the warmth and richness of our traditions to other families, inviting them to embrace the joy of welcoming a new life with my Jingle Bell Anklets.